Sweet, carbonated drinks like soft drinks can cause serious harm to your smile.

It’s no secret that sugary drinks like soft drinks are not a great choice when it comes to your overall health. Your smile could also be seriously impacted if you choose these types of drinks on a regular basis. Most soft drinks contain large amounts of sugar and don’t offer any nutritional benefit, and even those that are sugar-free tend to be very acidic. Read on to find out what your soft drink habit could be doing to your teeth, and what you can do to take better care of your smile…

Does soft drink cause cavities?  

Anytime that you consume a food or beverage that contains sugar, the harmful bacteria in your mouth digest the sugars and produce acid that can erode the enamel of your teeth. When you drink sweet beverages like soft drinks, the sugar tends to coat your teeth and this residue often stays in your mouth for some time. This gives bacteria plenty of time to produce acids.

If your teeth are exposed to these acids frequently, it is likely that your enamel will become thinner and weaker over time. This can lead to the formation of cavities, which are essentially holes in the teeth.

Is sugar-free soft drink a healthier alternative?

Although there are some benefits to reducing your consumption of sugar (both for the sake of your oral and general health), it is important to understand that simply swapping sugary beverages for sugar-free alternatives is not the perfect solution either.

While diet soft drinks don’t contain sugar, they are packed with other ingredients that makes them very acidic. These acidic ingredients can also wear at the enamel of your teeth and contribute to the formation of cavities.

Can you minimise the effects of soft drink?

The best way to prevent oral health issues caused by drinking soft drinks is, of course, to limit your consumption of these beverages. The less opportunity you give sugars and acids to coat your teeth, the lower your risk of tooth decay is. If you drink soft drink often, you should try to lower your consumption by drinking more water instead.

If you do enjoy the occasional soft drink, it’s a good idea to rinse your mouth with water afterwards. This will help to rinse away some of the sugar and acid before it can damage your teeth. You may also consider drinking your soft drink through a straw, as this can help to prevent stains and minimise contact between your teeth and the drink.

You can also take care of your teeth by committing to proper oral hygiene habits. It is advisable that you brush your teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste. You should also floss your teeth daily as this helps to remove plaque from between your teeth and along your gumline.

Most dentists will recommend that you schedule a check-up and clean every six months. At these appointments, your dentist can check for any dental erosion and cavities and, if necessary, provide you with the relevant treatment, as well as any advice regarding your lifestyle habits and oral hygiene techniques.

How can we help?

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