With the right maintenance, the results of professional teeth whitening can last up to three years.  

Professional teeth whitening treatments are an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, and it’s easy to understand why. The process achieves excellent results and can improve the overall appearance of one’s smile considerably. But how long do the results last? And is it possible to extend the longevity of your results? Read on to find out what to expect from the treatment, and if it’s right for you…

Are the results permanent?  

Although teeth whitening treatments are highly effective, it is important to note that the results are not permanent. Teeth whitening is designed to achieve a long-term result, and follow-up appointments can help to keep the teeth looking bright for a while. In-chair bleaching that is performed at your dentist’s office generally achieves results that can last between one and three years.

A number of factors will affect the length of time for which your results will last. Good oral hygiene habits, for example, will help to keep stains at bay and ensure that your results last for longer. In order to keep your teeth white, we recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. If you eat or drink something that could stain your teeth — be sure to wait around thirty minutes before brushing though to prevent damage to your enamel. It’s also helpful to chew sugar-free gum or to rinse with water after eating.

Are there foods to avoid?

It is worth noting that teeth whitening removes stains but does not actually protect against future treatment. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid foods and drinks that can stain the teeth in order to enjoy the results of your whitening treatment for longer. Some of the most common culprits include coffee, tea, wine and cola. Highly pigmented fruits and berries, such as blueberries and pomegranates can also lead to stains, as can dark sauces like curry, tomato-based sauces and soy. If you do enjoy these foods and drinks from time to time, make sure that you brush, floss and rinse your mouth with water often. Chewing sugar-free gum after eating promotes the production of saliva in the mouth, and helps to keep the teeth clean.

How can we help?

At G Dental, we offer a number of cosmetic dental treatments, including teeth whitening. If you would like to brighten the appearance of your smile, we encourage you to come in and see us — professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry and achieves excellent results for most patients.

When you come in for a consultation, we will provide you with a teeth whitening chart and help you to decide on a shade that suits your skin tone and aesthetic goals. We generally recommend that you choose a shade similar to the white of your eyes — this is a good guideline when it comes to achieving a natural-looking result.

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