The keys to achieving excellent oral and dental health are regular check-ups and professional cleaning and at G Dental we provide our Greensborough patients with both.

  At G Dental we strive to provide our Greensborough patients with the highest standards of dentistry treatments and care at very affordable prices and this includes dental check-ups and cleans. We want to improve the health and appearance of your smile but more importantly we want to educate you on how to achieve optimal oral health. Tooth decay is not uncommon and the damage that it causes to your teeth can lead to a negative effect on your overall health. If a decaying tooth is left untreated it can ultimately be lost which in itself brings on a whole new list of dental health complications. These nasty outcomes can be prevented with regular dental check-ups every 6 months. During these check-ups our team do an in-depth examination of your teeth and gums, as well as a clean and scale.  

Why check-ups are important

A regular dental check-up every 6 months allows for us here at G Dental to prevent any harmful changes in your dental health and act swiftly to deal with them. Drastic and expensive procedures can be the end result of poor dental health; however, with these regular check-ups, such eventualities can be avoided. If you haven’t booked regular check-ups over the years you need not fear because the damage done to your teeth is not irreparable. At G Dental, we have several options ranging from natural-looking fillings to root canals. The treatments we provide are restorative for your teeth and help you to regain your mouth’s functionality. You never know, a filling now could help you prevent a root canal later. If you have children, it is best to book a check-up for them as soon as their teeth begin to show. It is important to remember that a child will begin to notice if a parent avoids visits to the dentist. Parents should help their children learn that dental visits are safe and not a source of pain or fear, but rather something that is important to their future health.

The causes of tooth decay

Factors that cause tooth decay are numerous. For example, sugary and acidic foods, teeth that are out of place, poor brushing form or just poor oral hygiene in general. The cause of the tooth decay is a consistent build-up of plaque on your teeth and gums. The acidity of the plaque begins eroding away the enamel of your teeth. As such, it is important to watch what you eat as too many sugary or acidic based foods can hasten a build of plaque on your teeth and gums. If the plaque build-up is not removed in a timely fashion it can become what is called tartar. Tartar gives plaque an easier surface to work with as it is porous which subsequently aids in the off-colour appearance of your teeth because it absorbs stains easily. This layer of tartar can only be removed by your oral hygienist or your dentist in the scaling process of your check-up.

Preventing tooth decay

First and foremost, the prevention of tooth decay starts with a good, consistent regime of dental hygiene. If you do have any previous family members with genetic dental problems or just a history of bad oral health it is recommended you inform your dentist so an effective plan can be drawn up to suit your individual needs. For the most part, brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and using a mouthwash once a day will aid you in maintaining quality oral health. With regular dental check-ups you can reassure yourself that no plaque or tartar has built up on your teeth and that you can remain on track with your oral hygiene regime. To find out more about our check-ups and professional cleaning services, or to make an appointment, please click here.